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Loft conversions

We specialise in bespoke loft conversions for homes in Bath and throughout the surrounding area.

We can help advise you on practical designs such as what type of conversion is right for your property, and what planning restrictions you may have to take into account.

Contact our team today to discuss your needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and expert advice on what to do next.

Types of loft conversion


A dormer loft conversion involves adding a new, box-shaped structure to your roof to extend the ceiling height and create more floor space.

Hip to gable

A hip to gable conversion involves extending an existing hipped roof right to the gable end of the property. It is ideal for semi-detached properties.


A Velux loft conversion maintains the existing profile of the roof by adding slanted skylights. Velux windows provide excellent natural light and ventilation.

Advantages of converting your loft

Maximise space

Simply put, a loft conversion is a great way to maximise space in your home. You could use your new space as an extra bedroom, home office or something else entirely.

Get more from your home

By transforming a disused attic space, you could get more out of your current home, avoiding the expense and the hassle of moving somewhere new. This is an important consideration if you have a growing family.

Add value to your property

By increasing your floor space and adding a whole new storey to your property, you could significantly increase its value. This could come in handy if you do choose to sell.

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